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4 investing principles of Michael Burry that investors can learn from


Burry’s investment philosophy is firmly grounded in the principles of value investing, a strategy advocated by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in their influential book, “Security Analysis”. Value investing underscores the significance of acquiring stocks priced below their intrinsic value, providing a cushion against potential losses.

His contrarian approach often led him to invest in overlooked and unloved sectors of the market, where he believed that irrational selling had created opportunities to acquire undervalued assets. His most remarkable investment, the shorting of subprime mortgage-backed securities, served as a prime example of his readiness to challenge the prevailing market consensus.

Despite encountering scepticism and ridicule from many in the financial industry, Burry’s unwavering belief in his analysis ultimately proved accurate. With the collapse of the subprime mortgage market, the value of the securities he had shorted plummeted, generating substantial profits for his firm, Scion Capital.

Burry’s success during the financial crisis cemented his reputation as a visionary investor and a master of risk management. His contrarian approach and emphasis on value investing continue to serve as an inspiration and influence for investors worldwide.

Some of the key fundamental investment rules and principles that characterize Michael Burry’s strategy include:

Invest with a safety cushion

Buying undervalued stocks and trading below their intrinsic value, constitutes a fundamental tenet of value investing. This approach aims to spot companies that the market has underestimated, allowing for the acquisition of their shares at a discounted rate. The margin of safety, the gap between the stock’s intrinsic value and its market price, serves as a protective cushion against potential losses.

Various techniques exist for appraising a stock’s intrinsic value. Typically, these methods involve an examination of the company’s financial statements, an evaluation of its competitive position, and an assessment of its future growth prospects.

Value investors believe that by concentrating on intrinsic value, they can steer clear of overpaying for stocks, thereby enhancing their prospects for long-term investment success.

Think different from others

Falling into the crowd’s mindset is a common pitfall, especially when it appears that everyone is profiting. However, frequently, the most promising opportunities emerge when the market is mistaken. This occurs because when widespread optimism surrounds a stock or sector, the price is likely already inflated. Conversely, in times of widespread pessimism, the price may be artificially deflated. This situation opens doors for contrarian investors to acquire undervalued assets and divest overvalued ones.

Certainly, there’s no assurance that the market will consistently be in error. However, throughout history, contrarian investors have demonstrated their ability to outperform the market when adhering to this strategy over the long run.

Allocate your money to familiar investments

Money-making opportunities are galore though not all of them must entice you to put your earnings into them. Before committing your funds to any investment, it is vital to comprehend both the associated risks and potential rewards. Lacking a clear understanding of how an investment operates increases the likelihood of making errors.

There are several compelling reasons to steer clear of investments that are beyond your comprehension. For one, it hinders your ability to make well-informed choices. If you’re not familiar with the risks and potential rewards of an investment, you won’t have the necessary information to make sound decisions regarding whether to invest in it or not.

Secondly, you become a more likely target for scams. Individuals who lack a grasp of investments are often the focus of fraudsters. These scammers might employ intricate terminology or offer implausible guarantees to deceive you into investing in something of little or no value.

Thirdly, there is the risk of financial loss. When you invest in something you lack comprehension of, the chances of making errors that lead to financial setbacks increase. Prior to making any investment, it is advisable to invest time in learning about it. This involves perusing financial reports, seeking insights from experts, and posing relevant questions. If uncertainty persists, erring on the side of caution by avoiding the investment is often the wiser choice.

Patience is the key to success in investing

Investing should be seen as a marathon, not a sprint. Accumulating wealth through investments requires time, patience, and discipline. There are no quick fixes or schemes that promise assured and enduring returns. 

The temptation of rapid wealth frequently leads to hasty and poorly considered investment choices, which can lead to substantial losses. Rather than pursuing impractical gains, it’s vital to concentrate on the creation of long-term wealth.

Before embarking on your investment journey, it’s essential to establish your financial goals. Articulate your investment objectives with clarity, whether they involve retirement planning, saving for a child’s education, or building a financial cushion for upcoming expenses.

Also, adopt a long-term outlook and refrain from emotional responses to market swings. Short-term turbulence is unavoidable, but historically, the stock market has displayed an upward trend over the long haul.

The market’s irrationality can persist longer than your financial stability. This implies that the market can remain incorrect for an extended duration, potentially leading to significant losses if you’re unprepared. This underscores the importance of cautious investment choices. If you’re still uncertain about how to achieve success in the market, consider emulating the behaviour of accomplished investors like Michael Burry, who have generated substantial wealth for themselves and their clients.




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Updated: 09 Nov 2023, 08:57 AM IST

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