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6 ways to deal with a selfish spouse – Times of India


There are so many scenarios where the spouses have been selfish. They have thought only about what they want and how they benefit from something without considering the needs of their significant other. Dealing with such a selfish spouseis not so easy but it is indeed very important to address and resolve such issues to maintain a healthy and fulfilling marriage.Here are 6 ways to go about it.

1. Open communication

Start by having an honest and calm conversation with your spouse. Express your feelings and concerns without blaming or accusing them. Use “I” statements to convey how their behaviour affects you.

2. Self-reflection

Before confronting your spouse, take some time to reflect on your own behaviour and expectations. There may be areas where you could be more compromising or understanding as well. Understanding your own contributions to the relationship dynamics can make a more fruitful conversation.

3. Set boundaries


You have to clearly define your boundaries and communicate them to your spouse. Discuss what you need in the relationship and where you are unwilling to compromise. Make sure your boundaries are reasonable and fair. Boundaries can help both partners understand their responsibilities and roles in the relationship, and this can curb selfish behaviour.

4. Seek professional help

If your spouse’s selfishness is causing significant issues in your marriage, consider couples counselling. A trained therapist can give you a neutral and supportive environment for both of you to address your concerns and work on solutions.

5. Encourage empathy

Help your spouse develop empathy by discussing the impact of their selfish behaviour on you and the relationship. Encourage them to see things from your perspective and understand the emotions you’re experiencing.

6. Practice self-care


Taking care of yourself is important when you are dealing with a selfish spouse. Focus on your own well-being, both physically and emotionally. This can include pursuing your own interests, maintaining a support network, and seeking individual counseling if needed.

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