Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s Peace Committee Offer Rejected

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has backed the state police (File)


Supporters of former insurgent leader, Cheristerfield Thangkhiew, who was killed in an alleged police encounter on August 13, have refused to be part of the peace committee – set up by Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma to probe the death of the leader – unless the police officers involved in the operation are suspended.

“We have decided not to be part of the peace committee of the government until it suspends the two top cops responsible for the raid,” said Donboklang, an activist from Mawlai Kynton Massar, where the alleged encounter took place.

According to the police, Cheristerfield Thangkhiew allegedly attacked the police with a knife when his home was being raided, provoking a retaliatory shot in which he was killed.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has backed the state police.

“We have been able to reach out to community elders; headmen, civil society and build trust and so we are able to relax the curfew. We have ordered a judicial inquiry on the killing of the former militant leader. People sometime don’t realise the effort police puts in to maintain peace and security,” said Conrad Sangma.

Other members who were part of the meeting with the Chief Minister on Wednesday said the buck stops with him.

“It is time that the Chief Minister show that he has the capability to lead the state,” said Marbud Dkhar, part of delegation that met the Chief Minister.

The opposition, too, has targeted the Chief Minister.

“Even before the probe (has begun), the Chief Minister is defending the police, this is not acceptable,” said leader of the opposition Dr Mukul Sangma.

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