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Mint Explainer: Why India supports Myanmar’s contested military regime


The conflict in Myanmar has intensified, with resistance groups dealing significant blows to the nation’s military, which seized power from the elected government in 2021. Amid this turmoil, India has preserved a close relationship with Myanmar’s military forces, despite the latter’s international censure. Mint unpacks what is going on.

Background of the conflict

After Myanmar’s military ousted the elected government in February 2021, arresting leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi, the country plunged into civil war. This upheaval has led to over a million internally displaced people. The military is now contending with the National Unity Government—an exile government—and various ethnic armed organizations.

India’s stance on Myanmar’s military

India has abstained from imposing sanctions on Myanmar’s military and continues to engage with the regime. This includes a visit by India’s Deputy National Security Adviser to Myanmar and meetings with Senior General Ming Aung Hlaing. Additionally, India has provided substantial military support–$51 million worth of arms–as noted by the UN rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar. India’s reasons for engagement include concerns over China’s influence and a need for stability along its border, which is plagued by illicit drug and arms trafficking.

Criticisms of India’s approach

Critiques of India’s position come from analysts and Myanmar’s resistance, who note that the military regime supports insurgent groups that operate against India. Resistance entities like the National Unity Consultative Council have lamented limited engagement with India. Given the widespread unpopularity of the military regime, India’s association with it could hurt its standing among Myanmar’s populace.

What is the situation now?

The Myanmar military is currently facing setbacks, with resistance forces, some close to the Indian border, gaining ground. This has led to a surge of refugees toward India. As the military loses territory and influence, Indian diplomacy faces pressing challenges in recalibrating its approach to Myanmar.

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