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Park Seo-joon has a brief but impactful appearance in ’The Marvels’: Director Nia DaCosta – Times of India


Fans of Korean actor Park Seo-joon cannot wait for his big Hollywood debut with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming release. He plays the role of enigmatic Prince Yan in ‘The Marvels’, which also stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani in lead roles.
During a recent virtual press conference, Nia DaCostashared details about Park Seo-joon’s character and said, “He appears wearing a cool costume, but I can’t provide many details.Please check it out in the movie theaters.” Park Seo-joon’s onscreen character will reportedly have a history that traces back to Captain Marvel.
The director was also asked about Park Seo-joon’s screen time and according to kizboom, she stated, “‘The Marvels’ is a film that reflects on Captain Marvel’s past. She meets people from her past, and one of them is Prince Yan. Although his appearance is brief, he plays an important role as a character with a short yet impactful presence.”
Interestingly, director Nia DaCosta ended up casting Park Seo-joon in her movie after she enjoyed his Korean dramas. She recently told Cine21, “During COVID-19, friends recommended ‘Itaewon Class’ starring Park Seo Joon, saying I would like it too. I was also a fan of Korean dramas during my teenage years, so I started binge-watching the show to return to those days. Park looked really cool in the drama. Then, I started watching other works by him and remembered his name.” She further added, “Afterward, I took charge of directing ‘The Marvels,’ and while thinking about who would be suitable for the role of Prince Yan, Park Seo Joon came to mind.”
‘The Marvels’ is all set to hit the screens on November 10.

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